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(PT.24001) 25 x 20 Male Conical Buffer M8 x 18
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(PT.24001) 25 x 20 Male Conical Buffer M8 x 18

Item Code: 2520MCB18-60 Price: £2.49 + VAT

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Male Conical Buffers are ideal for absorbing shock. Giving high levels of deformation under impact/ load, and provide a progressive stiffness rate to absorb energy and protect equipment. Stainless Steel metals and Oil Resistant/ High Temperature rubbers available on request.

Applications include- Primary & secondary suspension for vehicles, bump stops for general industrial machinery, assister springs.

  • 25mm Diameter x 20mm Height
  • Male Conical Buffer
  • M8 x 18mm
  • 60 Shore rubber hardness