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OEM PART NO: 06119397, 06119312
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OEM PART NO: 06119397, 06119312

Item Code: (PT. 1160303) Price: £53.12 + VAT

REPLACES OEM PART NO: 06119397, 06119312

OEM- Bomag

Models- BW141, BW141AD-2, BW141AD-4, BW151, BW151AC-2, BW151AD-2, BW161, BW161AD-4, W161AD-CV, BW174AC-2, BW180, BW184AD-4, BW202, BW202AD-4, BW203AD-4, BW212, BW212D, BW212D-2, BW212D-2A, BW212-(2A), BW212PD, BW212PD-2, BW213, BW213AD-2, BW213D-2, BW213D- 2(2A), BW213D-2A, 213D-US, BW213DH-2(2A), BW213PD, BW213PD-2, BW213PD-B-2, BW213PD-B, BW213PD-B-US, BW213PD-H-2, BW214, BW214D, BW214D-2, BW214-D-US, BW214PD, BW214PD-2, BW217

This is an identical aftermarket component

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